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Men’s Health Magazine endorses vaping

The mainstream media is not always kind to the American vaping industry, but Men’s Health Magazine is bucking that trend by officially endorsing e-cigs as a healthier alternative to smoking. For vaping haters that tend to spread misinformation and false statements claiming that vaping is just as deadly as smoking, they can now turn to the nation’s top selling magazine on health and fitness to learn the unvarnished truth.

Men’s Health Magazine is the most widely distributed fitness magazine in the world. It is published in 47 countries and in 40 different editions designed to meet the needs of the bodybuilding buff of that particular region. Approximately 38-million readers click on the magazine’s website every single month, and millions more subscribe to their hardcopy publications.

So, when a magazine like Men’s Health says it’s okay to vape, smokers need to stand up and take notice!

When scientists from Columbia University published the results of a new vape study showing that vapers are more likely to quit smoking permanently compared to users of other nicotine replacement therapies, Men’s Health reported the news. On August 17, magazine contributor Erin Alexander ran the attention-grabbing article entitled, E-cigarette users are actually more likely to quit smoking, contrary to previous research.

“At the end of the day (and after accounting for a variety of controlling factors like desire to quit, educational attainment, health insurance, and age), the research found that the probability of someone quitting traditional cigarettes was three times higher if they frequently used e-cigarettes, compared to non-vapers.”

“But regardless of whether you use e-cigs to help you quit or just shut down your nicotine habit cold turkey, it's time to toss those cigarettes—non-smokers are statistically happier and richer. And if that's not incentive, we don't know what is.”

According to the co-authors of the Columbia study, daily vapers are 300% more likely to quit smoking than non-vapers. The statistics also indicate that approximately 50% of all daily vapers eventually quit smoking altogether, whether or not quitting smoking was their initial motivating factor for taking up vaping in the first place.

Did you know that Men’s Health Magazine was not always vape-friendly?

Oddly, Men’s Health Magazine was not always so supportive of the vaping industry. Just last year in March 2016, the publication ran another story entitled, The Best Way to Stop Smoking for Good? Quit Cold Turkey. The author never even mentioned vaping as a smoking cessation tool, even though by 2016, vaping was enormously popular and gaining a great deal of attention worldwide.

Still, it’s nice to see that Men’s Health Magazine can readily admit that it is fully capable of changing its mind on the issue of vaping vs. smoking! Well done!