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Mayo Clinic survey shows more and more doctors approve of vaping

A recent survey conducted by the Mayo Clinic of Rochester, NY, has identified a significant increase in doctor recommendations of e-cigs and vaping as a safe and effective smoking cessation tool. The team of scientists solicited the opinions of some 1500 U.S. medical professionals including family care physicians, general surgeons, anesthesiologists, and pulmonologists. Each participant was asked to complete an eight-page survey, and in many cases, the respondents were also allowed to submit their own written responses in more elaborate detail.

Overview of Mayo Clinic vaping survey

As smoking-related illnesses continue to plague millions of Americans each year, physicians seem to be getting more involved in their parents’ decision-making process involving the most effective ways to quit. According to the Mayo study, some 86 percent of doctors surveyed now admit to helping their patients evaluate their options in some regard. More statistics from the Mayo survey are as follows.

  • 1500 medical professionals participated in the survey.
  • 90 percent of participants now agree that helping their patients to quit smoking is one of their chief responsibilities as a medical professional.
  • 86 percent of participants claim that they help in choosing a nicotine replacement therapy that is most appropriate to the specific needs and preferences of the individual patient.
  • 66 percent of those surveyed agree that patients are asking about vaping and e-cigs more often.
  • Approximately 38 percent of participants often recommend vaping as a smoking cessation tool.
  • Another 12 percent recommend e-cigarettes to approximately 25 percent of their smoking patients.
  • Surgeons are far more unlikely to recommend vaping than the other groups of medical professionals.

The Mayo Clinic survey is published for review on the Oxford Academic Journals Nicotine and Tobacco Research. The study is entitled Beliefs, Practices, and Self-efficacy of US Physicians Regarding Smoking Cessation and Electronic Cigarettes: A National Survey. The co-authors offer the following summary.

“This study documents several important previously poorly characterized aspects of the role of electronic cigarettes in clinical care. The majority of US physicians are discussing electronic cigarettes in clinical contexts and a substantial proportion of US physicians have recommended electronic cigarettes to their patients. The extent of physician engagement on the topic of electronic cigarettes should be met with increased efforts to better characterize electronic cigarettes’ appropriate role in smoking cessation and reduction.”

The recent Mayo survey identifies an upward trend in doctor recommendations regarding vaping as a safe and effective smoking cessation tool. According to the data, a combined 50 percent of doctors are now recommending vaping as least 25 percent of the time to their patients who smoke. This is a substantial increase compared to a similar study from earlier this year published jointly by the Mayo Clinic and Vanderbilt University which concluded that only about 27 percent of physicians at the time were decidedly pro-vaping. Within less than a year, doctor recommendations have almost doubled!