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Is Temperature Control Vaping for you?

Once newbies begin gaining a little experience under their proverbial belts, many begin to wonder about temperature control vaping. Is it really a big deal? What’s the benefits? Is this some marketing ploy to get me to buy all new vaping equipment with fancy names that I really don’t need?

Rest assured. Temperature control vaping is a “thing.” But it’s not for everyone. One of its most significant advantages is that it tends to boost the flavor quality of your e-liquids. Another is that it can lead to some truly massive cloud production, something that competitive cloudchasers find particularly appealing.

(Courtesy of esigara.us)

How It Works

Every model of vape pen, box mod, or e-cig works just a little bit differently. They are all electrical devices utilizing batteries and other components that use electricity with varying levels of amperage, resistance, wattage, and voltage. When we adjust one of these variables, it has a direct effect on the others. When we don’t know what we are doing and simply “experiment” with these electrical elements, we are in danger of becoming the victim of another viral “exploding e-cig” story on social media.

But when newbies purchase a device from a reputable retailer that is specifically designed for temperature control vaping, these problems rarely occur, that is, as long as the vaper uses the vape mod per the instruction manual. When we vape with the heat turned up, then the e-juice burns brighter and hotter, and therefore, tastier, too. And let’s be honest. Not all e-liquids live up to their online hype.

Temperature Control Vaping Mods

Depending on the design of the vape mod, it will allow the user to adjust the heat setting manually, sometimes through a clickable up and down button system or perhaps by way of a dialing component. The manufacturer makes sure that the device is incapable of getting too hot to burn the lips or to ignite in your pocket, for example. But when users start substituting new batteries and coils that are not rated for the device, that’s when explosions occur.

Newbies are always cautioned to use the temperature control vaping mods as defined by the related manufacturer. The result is bigger clouds, stronger throat hits, and better tasting e-juices. You might even save yourself a bit of extra cash that usually goes towards buying replacement e-liquids after tossing the dull and lifeless ones into the trash.