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Is Big Pharma the puppet master behind the FDA e-cig regulations?

As the vaping industry considers the potentially devastating consequences of the newly announced FDA e-cig regulations, many are beginning to discover a rather interesting connection between the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Big Pharm. Major pharmaceutical companies like Johnson & Johnson and GlaxoSmithKline are currently in the news for fighting pending lawsuits over allegations of racketeering, conspiracy, and even falsifying government scientific research behind certain medications.

Big Pharma was one of the very first organizations to research the medical benefits of vaping devices. Back in the early 2000s, companies like Bristol-Meyers Squibb and Pfizer discovered that electronic devices would be an extremely inexpensive and more effective medication ingestion system than pills, liquids, or even IV medications. But other, more politically powerful pharmaceutical companies had different ideas.

Obamacare and the FDA e-cig regulations

In early 2009, Obamacare was on the brink of extinction. The Democrats would eventually get the bill passed, but only after secretly making a deal with Big Pharma. The original intent of Obamacare was to regulate drug prices as well as the monthly premiums for healthcare insurance. But as the bill limped through Congress, the Democrats deleted the language that related to prescription drugs. In doing so, Big Pharma took the political pressure off of hundreds of congressmen and senators, allowing them to vote in favor of the bill.

Perhaps even more strange, it was also in early 2009 that the Tobacco Control Act was signed into law by President Obama. It is this single act of legislation that immediately granted authority to the FDA to reclassify e-cigs as tobacco products and create the deadly FDA e-cig regulations of May 5, 2016.

Meanwhile, a new branch of the FDA was formed called the Center for Tobacco Products, and President Obama appointed a man who had previously worked as a political consultant for Big Pharma’s GlaxoSmithKline. His name was Mitch Zeller, and he would almost single-handedly push through congress what would eventually become the recently announced FDA e-cig regulations.

Nicorette Gum and "The Patch"

When Mitch Zeller worked as a GlaxoSmithKline consultant, one of their most successful new product launches was the “quit smoking” aid Nicorette Gum. As e-cigs and vaping devices began to gain a reputation as a more effective and user-friendly alternative, sales of Nicorette Gum began to plummet.

At the same time, Big Pharma’s Johnson & Johnson Company was making “The Patch,” an even more popular stop smoking aid than Nicorette Gum. Sales of The Patch were also starting to decline. By passing FDA e-cig regulations that will essentially wipe out the entire industry, everybody wins.

  • Big Tobacco gets back all of those past customers that turned to vaping.
  • Big Pharma’s GlaxoSmithKline and Johnson & Johnson will see a new surge in sales of Nicorette and “The Patch,” respectively.
  • And both Democrat and Republican politicians can still keep accepting those huge campaign contributions from the very deep pockets of both Big Tobacco and Big Pharma.

If this sounds like an over-the-top conspiracy theory, consider this. A new patent has recently been filed at the U.S. Patent Office for a new form of nicotine-infused chewing gum. The owners of the patent are two men named John Pinney and Jack Henningfield. Coincidentally, Pinny is one of the original founding partners of GlaxoSmithKline while Henningfield now works for the FDA, just like his old buddy Mitch Zeller. Henningfield is now one of the first members of the newly formed Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee.

Is Big Pharma pulling the strings of government legislation, acting as the puppet master for the FDA e-cig regulations? With several FDA past employees now under indictment for RICO-related charges of racketeering, conspiracy, and falsifying government research, the real story may very soon come out.