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Grover Norquist: Anti-Vaping Agenda will Lose Elections

As the threat of FDA regulations and national anti-vaping legislation continues to draw fire from both sides of the Congressional aisle, the vaping industry has found an unlikely ally by none other than Republican Grover Norquist. As the founder and President of Americans for Tax Reform, Norquist warns that taking a stand against the vaping industry is going to lose elections for many Democrats in the 2016 Elections.

According to Norquist, Democrats are only opposed to vaping because they see a tremendous untapped potential for massive tax hikes on a newly emerging industry. Even though vaping has helped millions of people to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, Norquist believes that there are those in the U.S. Government who would rather fill their coffers with millions of new tax dollars than to support an entire industry that essentially saves lives.

With over 20 million Americans now using vape devices and e-cigs of some kind, Norquist believes that the vaping community has more political power than many Democrats believe. This voting block of vaping advocates can and will swing numerous elections around the country in 2016. Even though Congress gave the FDA the power to regulate tobacco products back in 2009, Norquist has always been vocal in his opposition to this authority being used on vaping products. “Vaping is NOT smoking,” stated Norquist to a Dallas reporter just last week.

Todd Robberson of the Dallas Morning News ran his story on October 29. According to his report, Norquist believes that the Democrats are only clamping down on e-cigs because of the enormous tax revenues that can be easily attached.

“The do-gooder movement was never about public health,” says Norquist. “It was always about money…Since 1998, governments have collected more than $500 billion in cigarette taxes and payments from smokers…No such punitive tax regime exists for e-cigarettes. Each time a smoker picks up an e-cigarette in Michigan, the state loses $2, and the federal government loses $1.01 per pack; in Illinois, $1.98; and in New York, $4.35. It adds up quickly, and for big spenders in state capitols, that’s a problem.”

Will democrats be ousted from office come January 2016 simply over their greed for vaping taxes? According to Norquist, the answer is a resounding “Yes.” Strangely, the Democrats under President Bill Clinton were the very people who pushed for the huge tax increases on tobacco cigarettes back in the 1990’s as a way to save hundreds of thousands of lives. Yet, now these same politicians want to tax the very industry that has helped millions of Americans to quit smoking. According to Norquist, it just doesn’t add up.