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Excellent flavor. Ordered with boost. Always love rasta vapes

The most delicious

It's been two years since I've known this juice, but I can't help but smoke it every day.

Really delicious

Great stuff

Grape ape

Ordered with flavor boost and wow. Excellent flavor. I have used rasta vapes before and i wish i would have found them sooner. Thank you rasta vapes for excellent juice. Best i had hands down

All day yummy !!!

Best juice ever !! I have been actually using it for years . I stepped away for a bit due to having to wait on shipping but I am back . Missed this yummy juice .

Freshen Up On Your E-Cigarette Knowledge

Learning about the things you crave and indulge is essential to protecting yourself and making the best choice. The fact is that e-cigarettes are increasing in popularity. Companies are popping up all over claiming to sell the  best e liquid flavors with the largest flavor options. Brushing up on the facts about this popular alternative to smoking regular cigarettes will help you understand this trending indulgence.

4 Bits of Information About The Vaping Industry

  1. Buying and Selling. The e-cigarette phenomenon started internationally, being sold and imported from overseas. Today companies in the USA are growing rapidly. Rasta Vapors is one such local company keeping the ingredients, products, and manufacturing within the USA. The FDA has not made any regulations on the e-liquid/ejuice yet but they are currently trying to make laws and regulations that in my opinion are going to hand the e-cig business over to Big Tobacco.
  2. E-cigarettes can be inexpensive or expensive. The amount of money you spend will be determined by the quality of products you choose to vape your best e cig juice. The initial cost will be the largest amount of money you spend. You will need to purchase all the components to the e-cigarette. Once you have made the initial investment you will just need to buy the e-liquid/ejuice and replace the battery and atomizer when needed. There are many options so I advise you to research what type of device you want. You can find many resources and vaping support groups on Facebook and Reddit and people are always willing to help out a newbie.
  3. The General Public. Where typically regular cigarettes are banned, e-cigarettes are being allowed in some places. The FDA is still trying to figure out how to regulate e-cigarettes. While the FDA works out the regulations, some entities are unsure what to do about allowing e-cigarettes in public places. Many places do allow vaping with e-cigarettes, but that could change in the future.
  4. Upkeep and maintenance. E-cigarettes require upkeep with the ecig battery. The e-cigarette will not work if the battery is old and not charged. The quality of the e-cigarette components purchased for vaping will determine how long the battery lasts. If you are just starting to vape your best bet is to research each component, There are many websites that sell starter kits, but please beware that some of them are not worth your hard earned money. So I urge you to read reviews and talk to others that have some experience with vaping or have a general knowledge of what devices have worked for them.

Seeking Awareness

Become enlightened and stay on top of the latest and most important data available in the e-cigarette industry. Integrity is created when valuable information is shared. Rasta Vapors brings the best knowledge to inform customers and fans of the industry they love the most. If you have any questions we are always here to help, you can always contact us info@rastavapors.com