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Dripping 101: For beginners (Part 6)

Next up in this series of blog posts called Dripping 101, we are discussing a step-by-step approach to dripping with an atomizer. In the previous posts, we talked about some of the individual components of the vaping/dripping device that we can mix and match, such as coils, wicks, atomizers, and drip tips. But in the very beginning stage of your dripping experience, there is really no need to purchase a bunch of extra equipment, especially if you are not sure if you will actually like it or not. After all, dripping is not for everyone.

The 4 Steps to Dripping with an Atomizer

By dripping your favorite e-liquid directly onto the coils of your atomizer, you will undoubted get a significantly fuller flavor and a richer vaping experience. But dripping slows down the vaping process because you essentially have to “reload” every few drags. But once you’ve gotten the hang of it, dripping can be really quite addictive. If you find this to be the case, then you can go out and purchase a special atomizer customized specifically for dripping enthusiasts. But for now, follow these four simple steps.

  • 1.Open the atomizer of your e-cig, vape pen, or box mod. Inside, you will see the individual coils and usually a small piece of wire mesh shaped like an inverted “V” sitting right on top of the coil. This is called the “bridge.”
  • 2.Next, you will want to attach a drip tip to the mouthpiece. Remember from our previous post that drip tips safeguard your mouth from getting burned when vaping directly from a burning hot coil.
  • 3.If the coils are easily accessible and in clear view, then simply drip about 3-4 small drops of your favorite e-liquid onto the coils. If the coils are not visible, drip the e-juice onto the bridge.
  • 4.Ignite the drip vaping device and inhale. Note the harsher throat hit? How about that more intense and fuller flavor? Try this a few times, perhaps changing out the e-liquids during your experimentation phase. What do you think? Are you on your way to becoming a dripping convert?

The important thing to remember in Dripping 101 is to be patient. It takes a bit of time to perfect the process. With 3-4 drops at a time, you should get about seven or eight good hits. But if you place too much e-juice on the coil or bridge, it could flood the battery or even begin seeping into your mouth. These little oddities are why we call it “The Art of the Drip.”

(Courtesy of premiumecigarette.com)