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Dripping 101: For beginners (Part 3)

Next up in this series of blog posts called Dripping 101, we will discuss the idea of using modern tanks as drippers. Tanks like the Kanger Subtank and the Joyetech Delta 2 are popular among avid drippers because of their unique designs, which essentially includes a tiny, internal, removable component that acts like a small RBA. Therefore, vapers can go back and forth from tanking to dripping on the same device with relative ease.

RBAs for Dripping

Let’s take, for example, the Kanger Subtank. When we go inside the device to look for the RDA, it has a much smaller deck than a typical RBA. Meanwhile, the Subtank also has a deck that takes dual coils, which is a nice little bonus. Most dripping enthusiasts then string some strands of cotton through the coils that will eventually be “dripped” with e-juice. When we attach the glass tank and related cap, the entire contraption becomes a type of enclosed dripping device. As a result, the dripper is now able to use either tank to sample new e-liquids or simply for their personal dripping preferences.

Of course, you can always keep the tank full with your favorite e-liquid and take advantage of the RBA technology, or you can just leave the tank and drip multiple e-juices consecutively. How this would work is by dripping directly onto the cotton strings. If you have enough cotton already standing by, then, theoretically, you can drip one flavor after another by simply switching out the cotton. This is one way that those Vloggers can review so many different flavors of e-liquid in a single day.

Wattage, Voltage, and Dripping

But beware. In the two devices mentioned above, the coils are single ohm setups, which is not preferable for most drippers (seeDripping 101: Part 2). But these glassomizers have coil heads that can achieve around 0.5ohms. Most vapers in the dripping community prefer to use these popular glass tanks with advanced vaporizers rather than the many mechanical mods on the market today.

Mechanical mods offer a steady, unchangeable power output, whereas the advanced vaporizers allow the user to adjust the levels of voltage and wattage that is firing the coils. This capability for power adjustment is what you really want when taste-testing new e-juices. What dripping newbies will soon learn is that nearly all e-liquids taste differently when burned at higher heats, for example. Besides, building coils for mechanical mods is another issue entirely, and requires an extensive understanding of Ohm’s Law.

(Next up in the Dripping 101 series…Atomizers, Coils, and Wicks)