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Dripping 101: For beginners (Part 1)

A couple of years ago, the term “dripping” meant something far different than it does today. While vaping may appear to be a new trend to millions of people who are only now learning about it as a wonderful way to quit smoking, both vaping and dripping have been around for several decades. In generations past, the art of the drip was far less common that it is currently. Today, dripping enthusiasts make up a much larger segment of the vaping community.

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But what is dripping exactly?

As an introduction to our course entitled Vaping 101, the term “dripping” needs to be more clearly defined, especially for beginning vapers. Dripping, to put it succinctly, is simply vaping the hard way. Instead of pouring the e-juice into cute little tanks inside high-tech vape pens and box mods, the vaper “drips” the usually low-nicotine e-juice directly onto the wicking material in very small amounts. Now, why would someone want to do this?

  • Dripping allows the vaper to breathe the e-juice vapor directly into the lungs, providing a more robust vaping experience.
  • Vapers reefer to this deeper, more robust experience as a “lung hit.”
  • Dripping the e-juice onto the coil tends to provide a richer, fuller flavor in some circumstances.
  • Dripping can also be used to boost cloud production.

The downside to dripping is that the wicking material does not remain moist enough to vape for hours on end like the typical vape pen. After only a few hits, the wicking material needs to be doused once again with more e-juice. While this process may appear quite tedious to the newbie vaper, dripping definitely has its advantages.

Dripping Atomizers

The vaping industry currently offers a wide range of dripping atomizers that make the entire process more user-friendly than it was even a few years ago. Back then, advocates of dripping would often pull out the polyfill material of a 510 cartomizer before burning off the remnants inside and using the new contraption as a dripping device. Today’s vapers have an entire stockpile of available options, including mechanical mods, advanced vaporizers, and advanced drippers that require very precise ohm’s ratings and highly complex coils.

And this vaping/dripping technology will likely be completely different in another couple of years as the industry continues to advance by leaps and bounds. With all of this in mind, you may still be wondering, “What is dripping exactly?” In its purest form, dripping still means essentially the same thing that it always has: dripping the e-juice on the coil/wick…and nothing more.

(Next up in the Dripping 101 Series...Dripping and Sub-Ohm Vaping)