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Donald Trump has a ‘suggestion box’ website, and vapers love it

Donald Trump has a new website this week, now that he is officially the President-Elect of the United States. And it’s is not one of those quickie websites by some pro-Trump activist group designed to anger the Hillary Clinton fans. It’s a simple website complete with the President-Elect emblem and a real .gov extension.

That’s right. This website is funded by the United States Government, not the Republican Party, and it’s primary purpose is to solicit ideas from the American People on how to “Make America Great Again. Consequently, millions of vapers are taking to the new site in huge numbers to voice their opposition to the FDA deeming regulations that threaten to wipe out the entire vaping industry by 2018.

Will Trump’s hatred of Obama lead to a reversal of the FDA deeming regulations?

During the 2016 Election campaign, President-Elect Donald Trump made his feelings very clear about his hatred of President Obama. Perhaps hatred is too strong of a word, but Trump is definitely not a fan of many of Obama’s policies. From Obamacare to the War on ISIS, The Donald vows to shake up Washington and “drain the swamp.” Will this also include overturning the FDA deeming regulations?

It could happen. Trump has notoriously stated on several occasions just how much he detests smokers. If the vaping community can successfully convince the President-Elect that vaping is not smoking, then we might have a new game in town. But if Trump listens to officials at the CDC and the FDA who tend to spout lies and misinformation about vaping and e-cigs, then the vaping industry might be out of luck. This website might give us a chance to strike early.

Does Donald Trump even know what the FDA deeming regulations are all about?

Trump has promised to overrule and replace Obamacare, believes that the Obama-favorite trade deals of NAFTA and TPP are “disasters,” and refuses to endorse the decades-old NATO peace treaty with some 28 nations which Obama simply adores. Once Trump learns that the FDA deeming regulations are essentially the brain child of the Obama Administration as a way to payoff Big Pharma for its role in getting Obamacare to pass Congress, then the FDA deeming regulations will also be thrown out the window.

The Donald Trump Suggestion Websiteis no-frills. When viewers log in, they see only a stark-white page with the words, “Tell Us Your Story” located under the President-Elect emblem. They simply type in their name and email address before answering the question, “How do you want to Make America Great?” Rasta Vapors encourages everyone in the vaping community to flood the new website with calls to overturn the FDA deeming regulations.