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Common Questions of the First-Time Vaper

For those who are new to the world of vaping, over time you might begin to notice some changes in the way that our vape pen functions or tastes. You might begin to discover that the taste of the vapor takes on a decidedly burnt flavor. Or you might begin to witness the vapor production diminishing slightly. These are very common questions that all new vapers ask themselves at one time or another. Let’s try to give you some simple answers to make your vaping experience a little easier to manage.

Q: Why does my vapor taste bad all of a sudden?

A: If the vapor from your pen starts to taste stale or burnt, this likely means that it is time to replace or clean the cartomizer/coil. Each vaping device will come with an instruction manual for cleaning, or you can always visit the website of the manufacturer. YouTube always has lots of video tutorials, too. If the bad taste lingers even after cleaning the device, then it may be time to change the coil completely or purchase a new tank.

Q: Why am I getting less vapor than before?

A: When the coil is old or dirty, the amount of vapor that is produced is also decreased. Another possible reason might be a weak battery or one that is not fully charged. Before buying a brand new vaping device, give your current one a good cleaning and a full charge. If you have a second, backup battery, then this might resolve the issue as well. Perhaps the original battery is going bad.

Q: Why does the charge in my vape pen seem to cut out more quickly?

A: This is another sign that your original battery may be going dead. Another possible reason might be a faulty charger. Always be sure to have a backup battery and charger on hand. For those who are turning to vaping as a way to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, a bad battery or charger is one of the most common causes of relapse.

Q: Why does my vape pen leak every time I refill it?

A: This is a very common mistake made by newbie vapers. The simple answer is that you are filling the pen incorrectly. When adding new e-liquid, make sure to tilt the pen slightly while always pointing the device downward. Then slowly drip the e-liquid along the side of the tank. You never want to get e-liquid in the center hole of the device. If you do, then this is what likely causes the leaking effect.