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Choosing your first Vape Mod (Part 2)

As a continuation in our series of blogs regarding choosing your first vape mod, let’s discuss some of the differences in functionality that they can provide. Vape mods offer more power than the smaller vape pens because of their enhanced battery capacities, which in turn allows users to produce more massive clouds. Some vape mods allow vapers to modify their vaping experience on demand by changing the wattage and voltage settings. We typically refer to these as regulated vape mods.

(Courtesy of Vapingparts.com)

What are regulated vape mods?

Regulated vape mods with easy-to-change power settings allow users to burn the e-juice at different temperatures. Higher heat tends to produce bigger clouds, but it also intensifies the flavor of the e-juice in most cases. Depending on your flavor preferences and brand of e-juice, you can adjust the voltage and/or power setting to your liking.

But vape mods allow for lots of other customizations in functionality, too. You can choose among variable wattage, variable voltage (or both), rebuildable atomizers (RBAs), rebuildable drip atomizers (RDAs), Ekowool wicks, silica wicks, kanthal wire, various mod charging systems, and a multitude of differently sized batteries from numerous brand name manufacturers. Depending on how you mix and match your components, the vaping experience will be MOD-ified accordingly.

What is a Mechanical Mod?

Mechanical mods are extremely dangerous, especially for newbies to the vaping world. They are essentially bare-bones vaping casings without any batteries. The user chooses the individual components of the device, including the atomizer, which is why we not have so many RDAs and RBAs at our disposal.

Users also like to experiment with the coil options, too. In fact, most mechanical mod enthusiasts prefer to build their own coils. And of course, vapers can also install various batteries with different capacities and voltages since vape mods do not automatically include a power source. But it is important to remember that coils burn, batteries are filled with electricity, and atomizers boost the power of the device. Combining these elements into a mechanical mod device that is also extremely safe required a detailed knowledge of Ohm’s Law and other physics properties.

Regulated Mods vs. Mechanical Mods: Which is better?

Perhaps the better question is, “Which is safer?” The typical vape mod that you buy online is going to be a regulated mod whereas all mechanical mods are deemed unregulated. Most regulated mods already include special circuitry to boost the safety of the device by preventing overcharging of the battery. The vape mod essentially shuts itself off once it reaches a certain battery charge level.

Mechanical mods to not have these functions and are reserved only for those vapers extremely knowledgeable about the science behind the mechanics. You have surely read some horror stories online about “exploding vape pens?” These unfortunate accidents usually occur from non-experienced vapers experimenting with mechanical mods. Proceed with extreme caution. (In our next post, we will discuss some of the more popular start vape mods on the market today.)