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CDC spokesperson Dr. Brian King lies about vaping and smoking to Deseret News

The vaping community is well-aware of CDC officials like Thomas Frieden spreading lies and misinformation about e-cigs and vaping. But when the Deputy Director of Research Translation, Dr. Brian King, began spouting even bolder, more outlandish lies in a recent Deseret News article, many in the vaping community immediately became even more outraged.

By definition, the job of the CDC’s Deputy Director of Research Translation is to translate that highly technical, scientific jargon found in research studies into an easy-to-understand language for the American Public. That’s all Dr. King is supposed to do. That’s his only role. But when reporter Lois M. Collins, and by extension the Deseret News organization, published a quote from Dr. King that is completely untrue, it makes us wonder.

Who is worse? The reporter, the newspaper, the CDC or Dr. Brian King himself?

What was the irresponsible lie spewed forth from the lips of the devious Dr. King? In the middle of the article, a spokesperson for the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) is quoted by the reporter as saying "alternative non-combustible products that contain nicotine but not tobacco are not harmless, particularly to young people.” The next line printed is an alleged response to that comment from Dr. King.

"Just reducing the number (of smoked cigarettes) doesn't reduce health risks…You have to quit completely."

Really? Is that true? So, if someone smokes three packs per day and someone else only smokes a half-pack, then they both are doing the same amount of damage to their lungs and general health? Certainly not. The statement from Dr. Brian King is a bold-faced lie, and he knows it.

Any reputable physician who is not in the pocket of the CDC, the FDA, or Big Tobacco will agree that reducing the amount of cigarettes smoked per day is only advantageous to one’s health.

For example, smoking is a leading cause of several types of respiratory ailments. Every cigarette smoked does more damage to the lungs and respiratory functions. If a smoker cuts back from 2-packs per day down to only 5 individual cigarettes, that’s a 94% reduction in smoked tobacco per day. No doctor is going to scold his patient for making such incredible progress….unless that doctor is Dr. Brian King from the CDC, apparently.

The entire article entitled, “The safety or danger of e-cigarettes is as cloudy as the vapor they produce,” can be located on the Deseret News website.