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Canada Bill S-5 threatens to silence scientific community about benefits of vaping

A new bill has been recently proposed by legislators in the Canadian Parliament with the primary objective of silencing scientists, researchers, and even local vape shop employees from discussing the many health benefits of vaping. If Canada Bill S-5 becomes law, then violators could be faced with massive financial penalties of up to $500,000 and even jail time of perhaps 2-years.

Oddly, the bill does not attempt to curb discussions related to other, more conventional smoking cessation products like “the patch” or nicotine gum. As strange as this new bill may sound, this is not the first time that Canada has tried to censor the scientific community. Several years ago, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper also imposed a gag order on this same group of pro-vaping activists only to be met with massive public outcry which many believe contributed to his political demise.

Canada Bill S-5: Vape shop owners living in fear

Now that Canada has a new Prime Minister in Justin Trudeau, many in the vaping community are surprised to see a second parliamentary attempt to prohibit scientists from singing the praises of vaping technology. But it’s not only scientists how would be negatively affected this time around.

Canada Bill S-5 also prevents vape shop employees from discussing the benefits of e-cigs and vaping devices as smoking cessation tools, which would be very bad for business. And in an article recently published in the Toronto Sun from February 26, 2017, many business owners are understandably distressed about the future of their livelihood.

“These scientists claimed to ‘live in a culture of fear,’ and the popular narrative was that the government was suppressing important scientific information and silencing critics.

Regardless of the accuracy of those stories, there is legitimate concern when a government appears to be impeding the public’s ability to access and share scientific information about matters of public interest.”

However, the Canadian vaping community does not appear to be taking lightly the possibility of Canada Bill S-5 becoming law. Recent advertisements like those found on the website Vapers.org are providing step-by-step guidelines that educate vape shop owners and vaping enthusiasts on how best to fight the passage of the newly proposed bill.

Pro-vaping political pundits have used their expertise to create a sort of one-size-fits-all guidebook which instructs the reader on how to write their local Member of Parliament (MP,) what to say, and how to say it. It’s very reminiscent of the “Indivisible” campaigns successfully launched in the United States to battle the perceived corruption within the Donald Trump Administration.