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Call to Action: All vapers nationwide, please join ‘Let’s Be Real, San Francisco’

There is a new vaping advocacy group forming on the west coast, but its Board of Supervisors is fighting for everyone’s right to vape across all 50 states. The Let’s Be Real, San Francisco (LBRSF) vaping movement sprang into action as an immediate response the recent Bay Area ban on the sales of flavored e-liquids and menthol cigarettes. And as LBRSF organizers warn, what happens in California could easily spread to a community near you if we don’t band together and fight for repeal.

According to the LBRSF website, the primary objective of the pro-vaping society is to support a referendum by way of a ballot measure which would repeal the San Francisco statute. After all, will a sales ban on dessert vapes really be all that effective long-term?

San Franciscans will likely only travel to nearby Dale City or some other neighboring town to purchase their favorite e-liquids. The only people that the sales ban seems to hurt is owners of local vape shops whose revenues will likely plummet in the wake of the anti-vaping ordinance. Meanwhile, the city also loses valuable tax dollars in the process.

‘Let’s Be Real, San Francisco’ warns of similar legislation pending

The LBRSF organization is very easy to join by simply signing up on the website. Vape shop owners, retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and vaping enthusiasts from all walks of life are encouraged to join. The organization is even supported by several businesses that are not directly related to the vaping industry.

Members can contribute a financial donation, but this is absolutely not necessary. LBRSF welcomes everyone with open arms. By joining the LBRSF advocacy group, members will also receive periodic updates on the status of the referendum. And according to NotBlowingSmoke.org, the local governments of Contra Costa County, Palo Alto, Oakland, San Leandro, and Los Gatos are currently considering similar anti-vaping legislation like the ordinance passed in San Francisco.

Nearly every major vaping advocacy group in the nation publicly endorses the Let’s Be Real, San Francisco movement.Among LBRSF’s many fans include the Not Blowing Smoke organization, who is a major driving force behind the movement’s early success.

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) and the American Vaping Association (AVA) are also promoting LBRSF on their related websites . And Pamela Gorman of the Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) has recently published a membership communication emphasizing the national urgency of repealing the San Francisco flavor ban, regardless of your state of current residence.