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Beware of Rebecca Williams, the reigning queen of e-cig ‘junk science’

What happens when the federal government wants to spread lies and misinformation about the e-cig industry? It hires pay-for-play members of academia like Rebecca Williams of the University of North Carolina to release bogus study after bogus study that confounds common sense. According to her professional biography, Williams has “several advanced degrees.” But after reading some of her articles, those degrees could be in basket weaving for all we know.

Rebecca Williams is the Queen of E-cig Junk Science.

As the vaping industry continues to fall under the oversight of the FDA deeming regulations, writers like Rebecca Williams fill the Internet with boldly titled articles that demonize e-cigs as a gateway to teen smoking, among other things. Millions of people see her headlines without even reading the article, but the damage is already done. Those terrible titles leave a lasting impression in the minds of the American People, which is how the federal government has been able to sneak those unconstitutional FDA deeming regulations under the radar.

Examples of Rebecca Williams’ work that will leave you dumbstruck.

One of her most notorious titles includes “Electronic Cigarette Sales to Minors via the Internet” in which Williams successful proves that minors are able to make online purchases by using Mommy and Daddy’s credit cards. But by creatively crafting the title in just the right way, Williams makes it appear as if teens are only guilty of this credit card-misuse when buying e-cigs and vaping products online. Surely, teenagers have bigger and better things to buy with their parent’s credit card than e-cigs and e-juice.

Then there is the classic “Revisiting the Rise of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems Using Search QuerySurveillance,” a truly devious piece of writing with a very “scientific“ title, to be sure. This article attempts to claim that because more people use terms like “sale” or “shopping” rather “smoking cessation” or “health concerns” when searching online, the American Public must be more interested in buying e-cig products rather than reading phony, anti-vaping propaganda like articles written by Rebecca Williams. This woman is pure evil, willing to sell out the health of the American People simply to make a quick buck!

A third example is the Machiavellian masterpiece, “VapeCons: E-cigarette userconventions.” After her brilliant, in-depth analysis of vape expos and the surrounding culture, Rebecca Williams comes up with the dimwitted but highly effective conclusions that anti-vaping activists simply love.

“Vaping conventions promote e-cigarette use and social norms without public health having a voice to educate attendees about negative consequences of use. Future research should focus on the effects of attending these conventions on attendees and on indoor air quality in vapor-filled convention rooms.”

“For these ritual gatherings, they adorn their bodies with ink and metallic object and don the ceremonial black garb. Those vying for alpha male status can be identified by their lack of sleeves. Custom garments commemorating the particular gathering or displaying various tribal affiliations are available for barter among the participants.”

The scary thing about this Rebecca Williams article is that she wrote it without having actually attended a single vape expo or conference. She merely Googled some articles about past expos, looked at the highlights and cloudchasing imagery, and made some highly judgmental and completely unfounded assertions. Carl Phillips from the Anti-THR Lies website tore this article apart in an October 2015 blog piece which vapers might also find quite entertaining to read.