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A vaping cellphone? It was bound to happen!

We’ve been hearing about the possible release of a new vaping cellphone by Vaporcade all summer, and it looks like the innovative device is getting ready to launch. We’ve already seen vaping devices with Internet connectivity and biometric locks, so the invention of a cellular vaping digital device seems like the next big step forward in vaping technology. A recent report released on Sept 3 by the Digital Journal confirms: Vaporcade is now taking pre-orders on their website.

(Courtesy of VaporCade)

It’s called the Zeus, and many in the vaping community are looking forward to its release with a mixture of both anxious anticipation and cautious skepticism. Just last year, the company Supersmoker released a Bluetooth e-cig that could play music and make phone calls, too. Smokio also revealed an e-cig that could connect directly to your cellphone. The latest entry into the race for vaping smartphone domination, the Vaporcade Zeus, is standing on the shoulders of these previous inventors whose products didn’t really seem to gain all that much favor with the vaping public in the first place.

But the Zeus may not be so bad.After all, the vaping community is filled with some pretty smart cookies. Why would a tried-and-true vaper buy an e-cig/cellphone combination in the first place? E-cigs are really cool, when you are first trying to quit smoking, but most diehard vapers rarely use them. We’re always looking for the next cool box mod or sub ohmer, not the latest upgrade of the Blu e-cigarette. These are likely reasons why the Supersmoker and Smokio models didn’t really take off. According to Vaporcade founder John Cameron, the Jupiter™* model is,

“…a handheld lifestyle hub that allows the user to text, talk, and vape simultaneously.”

That’s about as much information that we get at the moment. But the press release does mention that the vaping cellphone will also have “dual internal batteries, advanced suite of applications, and state of the art operating system.” So, yes. It IS a smartphone, but are millions of vaping enthusiasts going to toss out their iPhone and Androids for something called “the Zeus?”

Only time will tell, but mobile tech guru, Dean Becker, believes that we’re heading in the right direction.

“John Cameron’s Zeus is the single most disruptive and innovative technological advancement since the birth of the smartphone. When people begin to grasp the enormity of cellular vaping and the endless applications this technology has for health and wellness, you will have a difficult time finding anyone without a need for this device.”