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42% of patients vaping CBD eventually stop using prescription medications

Many in the vaping community have very strong opinions about being lumped into the same category as CBD and marijuana vapers. Since most vapers are former smokers trying to kick the habit, its easy to see why they might be offended by those who link vaping to recreational weed.

But people who vape CBD or Cannabidiol are usually not your typical potheads and burnouts. CBD enthusiasts are often using CBD to manage an ailment, chronic pain, or anxiety disorder. CBD has been prescribed as a successful treatment for everything from migraines to Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), and Tourette’s Syndrome, just to name a few.

The miraculous therapeutic effects of Cannabidiol have been well-documented and prescribed by physicians for centuries, and it’s making a dramatic comeback in recent years thanks to the rise in popularity of vaping technology. Not only is CBD less expensive then most traditional medications, but a current survey shows that nearly 42 percent of CBD patients eventually stop using prescription drugs altogether.

The CBD Vaping Study

A group of scientists from Hello MD and the Brightfield Group began their research by soliciting the help of approximately 24,000 volunteers. All participants had been diagnosed with a medical condition that required prescription medications as part of their treatment plan, and each of their doctors agreed to let them partake in the CBD study. 55% or the participants were men. 45% were women. Some of the key findings of the 22-page report entitled Understanding CBD include the following.

  • 42% claimed to have stopped using prescription medications like Vicodin after transitioning to CBD.
  • 80% classified CBD as either “very effective” or “extremely effective” in managing their medical disorder.
  • 90% claimed that they would happily buy CBD products if they were legal in their area.
  • 68% use CBD for anxiety disorders.
  • 66% use CBD for managing insomnia and other sleeping disorders.
  • 52% use CBD to manage pain and inflammation of the joints.
  • 43% use CBD to battle depression.
  • 35% use CBD for relief from migraines.
  • 32% use CBD to manage chronic pain disorders.
  • 28% use CBD to arthritis management.
  • 25% use CBD to prevent nausea and other side effects associated with chemotherapy.

Many vapers may also be unaware that there are many different types or strains of Cannabidiol just like there are many different recipes of e-liquids. Some CBD products are marijuana-derived. Others are hemp-driven. And certain brands are CBD-dominant products with lower levels of THC, which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. This is the active ingredient in cannabis that provides that feeling of euphoria. Yes, many vapers might be surprised to learn that not all CBD products make the user feel “high” and are perfectly safe to use in everyday life. 

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