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4 Things that vapers can be grateful for this Thanksgiving

Vaping is not just a heathier alternative to smoking. It’s a lifestyle choice that comes with many, often-forgotten benefits. The longer that vapers vape, the greater the likelihood that they have forgotten the terrible consequences that came along with their addiction to tobacco cigarettes. This Thanksgiving, why not take the time to be grateful for the many joys of vaping?

1.More energy.

Smoking cigarettes zaps the strength and willpower right out of you, but it also makes us sluggish and de-energized. Almost immediately after switching to vaping, most people notice a definite increase in their energy levels. Climbing the stairs or walking uphill no longer causes that sick, wheezing feeling, and many vapers might even find the urge to revisit the gym.

2.Lots of great flavors.

Let’s face it. Smoking was boring. And if the local convenience shop ran out of our favorite brand of cigarette, we were prone to getting very, very angry. Why is it that as smokers we were so addicted to only one brand of cigarette, but with vaping we are never satisfied by toking on only one flavor of e-liquid? Vaping is never boring, and thanks to online retailers offering lots of tasty e-liquids, it never has to be.

3.No more dirty ashtrays.

Remember the embarrassment when a non-smoking friend would visit your home or need a lift in your car? The ashtrays overflowing with dirty cigarette butts could be downright humiliating. Or perhaps you used to be an outdoor smoker who always threw their cigarette butts on the ground. Thanks to electronic vaping devices, we never have to worry about these unsightly incidences ever again.

4. Extra bucks in the wallet.

The average national cost of a pack of cigarettes is now $6.16. If you happen to live in the anti-vaping state of New York, then the price is over double – averaging nearly $13 per pack and climbing. Meanwhile, a pack of cigarettes might last you 24-hours (if you were lucky), but a bottle of your favorite e-liquid can last a week or more, depending on your vaping habits. Vapers save money. They also same time because they never have to schedule their daily activities around going to the local convenience store to stock up on cigarettes. They just buy everything online!

There are lots of things that vapers can be grateful for this Thanksgiving. You never have to worry about those nasty, fingertips stained with tar and nicotine or the grossly unattractive yellow-stained teeth that come with smoking. And you probably even look and feel a bit younger, too.

So, this holiday season, take the time to give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. You quit smoking by switching to vaping, and you probably just added years to your life in the process!