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Excellent flavor. Ordered with boost. Always love rasta vapes

The most delicious

It's been two years since I've known this juice, but I can't help but smoke it every day.

Really delicious

Great stuff

Grape ape

Ordered with flavor boost and wow. Excellent flavor. I have used rasta vapes before and i wish i would have found them sooner. Thank you rasta vapes for excellent juice. Best i had hands down

All day yummy !!!

Best juice ever !! I have been actually using it for years . I stepped away for a bit due to having to wait on shipping but I am back . Missed this yummy juice .

4 Simple ways to make your vape juice taste better

After the first few weeks of switching to vaping, newbies are often tempted to relapse back into smoking simply because their e-liquids do not taste as rich and vibrant as they used to. Before heading off to the local convenience store for a pack of cigarettes, try these simple remedies instead. The problem may not be with your e-juice. It may be with your vape tank or coil.

1. The old-fashioned tank rinse method

Newbies may be thinking that because they are only vaping one e-liquid over and over again, they may not need to worry about cleaning their cartomizer or vape tank. Start by disassembling the tank and carefully removing the tiny o-rings, too. Heat a bowl of tap water in the microwave while you gently rinse the empty tank under the water faucet. Now place the just-rinsed tank into the bowl of warm water and let it stand until the water cools. Follow up with another rinse under the faucet. Then refill with vape juice and give it a go!

2.Vinegar and soda

In some cases, cleaning the crud and gunk encrusted inside your vape tank needs a more aggressive approach. Both vinegar and soda are very acidic cleaners that can do the trick. But only try each option separately at first. Just repeat the above method, but instead of using a bowl of heated water, substitute a solution of room-temperature vinegar or soda mixture. In the cases of vinegar cleansing, be extra careful to rinse the vape tank thoroughly under the faucet afterwards. Otherwise, your vaping experience might end up tasting rather bitter.

3. Ultrasonic cleaners

If you are really serious about taking care of your vaping equipment, you may want to invest in an ultrasonic vape cleaner designed specifically for vaping gear. There are several available on the market. These contraptions use a combination of water and ultrasonic energy waves to clean your tank in about 3-minutes. They even come with automatic shut-off features, too.

4. Change the coil.

While vapers like to be frugal, a bad-tasting e-liquid might be a sign that you need to change your coil. If you have tried the above-mentioned cleaning options and your e-liquid still tastes burnt or dull, try changing the coil. Follow step one from above first. Brushing your coils with cotton periodically can also increase their lifespans.

There are many ways to clean your vape tank. Some veteran vapers even soak their cartomizers in small bowls of pure vegetable glycerin (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). But because VG, in particular, is a much thicker liquid, the final rinse can be somewhat more difficult to achieve. Before you consider switching back to smoking, give one or all of these methods a try. Vaping saves live. Smoking doesn’t.