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4 Simple Tips that Every Newbie Should Know

So, you’ve decided to finally enter into the world of vaping. Many newbies first start out by purchasing the disposable e-cigs from the local convenience store. They quickly realize that puffing on an e-cig is a bit different from smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette. The flavor choices are limited, and they never seem to last as long as advertised. After researching the many brands of vape pens on the market, we finally take the first step into vaping. If you really want to have the best possible vaping experience, here are a 4 simple tips that newbies should know.

1.  Learn how to charge your battery properly.

As soon as you open your vaping kit, make sure to fully charge the battery before using it. Some of the cheaper brands may not function properly if the battery is not fully charged. In most cases, all that you need to do is plug in the vaping pen to your wall charger or USB port. Charge the device until the indicator lights either blinks “on and off” or “goes green”, as with the EMOW vaping pen. Before recharging the battery again, let the battery nearly completely drain. This will increase the lifespan of your device.

2.  Don’t expect vaping to feel like smoking.

Vaping has a whole different feel. The way that we pull on the vape pen to inhale the vapor is not as severe, and the e-juice will never taste exactly like your favorite brand of traditional tobacco cigarettes. But after a couple of days, most newbies find vaping far more satisfying once they get used to the new techniques. Give it some time. Then experiment with the thousands of different e-juice flavors to find a few that you really like. That’s part of the fun.

3.  Don’t forget to clean your battery, too.

Most manufacturers recommend a daily cleaning of the battery using a common paper towel. Remove the cartomizer and clean the threads of both the battery and the cartomizer of any residue buildup. Then fold the paper towel into a small triangular shape, stuffing the corner into the tiny areas of the tank to soak up any excess e-juice. Now you are ready to refill.

4.  Use only Top Shelf E-juice

There are lots of cheaper e-juices on the market, but many of these aren’t using pure ingredients. As a result, the liquid can be overly thick and gummy, causing irreparable damage to your vaping device. These cheaper brands also can make the daily cleaning of your batteries and cartomizers very difficult. All of this can lead to frustration and aggravation, which might then leave you longing for the simplicity of a good old fashioned tobacco cigarette. If you really want to quick smoking permanently, don’t skimp on the quality of your e-juice.

Another good tip is to wait for a bit before trying to mix or combine your own e-juices. With so many different flavors at your fingertips, mixing a few of them together might sound like a lot of fun. But combining two or more e-juice flavors takes a bit of skill and experience. Certain flavors may overpower the others. And in some cases, a nasty chemical reaction might even occur. E-juices are like fine wine. Would you mix your favorite Cabernet and Pinot Grigiot together in the same glass? Probably not. Avoid mixing your e-juices together, too.