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4 little known reasons to quit smoking and switch to vaping

Everyone has heard about the amazing, life-saving benefits of vaping compared to smoking, but there are other fun and exciting reasons to make the switch that only vapers really know for sure. Besides the thousands of delicious e-liquid flavors that keep the novice from getting bored, vaping is cheaper, healthier, and simply more enjoyable than smoking. Here are four additional secret reasons to make the switch to vaping once and for all!

Smoking decreases sexual libido.

Medical research indicates that smoking depletes the production of testosterone. And for men of a certain age, testosterone production is already on the decline. Smoking only exacerbates the condition even further. If you want to have more fun in the bedroom and improve your sex life, switch to vaping. Tobacco cigarettes are filled with thousands of toxins and chemicals, and e-liquids do not. It’s that simple.

Smoking increases the aging process.

It’s these thousands of noxious chemicals found in combustible cigarettes that makes your teeth yellow, your skin wrinkle, and your eyes begin to bag. Smoking essentially sucks the water right out of your body and ruins your looks. The e-liquids of vaping products are made mostly of water anyway, which is another great reason to make the switch.

Smoking leads to sleep disorders.

Heavy smokers can tell you that smoking lots of cigarettes right before bedtime can wreak havoc on your sleeping patterns. Medical research supports these claims, too. And with a lack of sleep, you are also more likely to look even older and craggier over time thanks to those dark circles under your eyes. According to medical research posted in the Huffington Post, smoking affects your sleep in any number of ways. Smokers are also 2.5 times more likely to suffer from sleep apnea.

Smoking gives you heartburn.

Ever notice that smoking right before bedtime also increases the likelihood of waking up because of heartburn in the middle of the night? Smoking and heartburn go hand-in-hand. According to medical research, smoking causes heartburn by slowing the production of saliva while simultaneously overstimulating the production of stomach acid, which is another major contributing factor to indigestion and heartburn.

Nobody ever said that vaping is perfect. But the UK Royal College of Physicians has already proven that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. If it can also boost your sex drive, help you to look and feel better, and improve the quality of your sleep, why not make the switch!