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It's been two years since I've known this juice, but I can't help but smoke it every day.

Really delicious

Great stuff

Grape ape

Ordered with flavor boost and wow. Excellent flavor. I have used rasta vapes before and i wish i would have found them sooner. Thank you rasta vapes for excellent juice. Best i had hands down

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4 Awesome Vaping Tricks

Vaping lounges are sprouting up all around the country, and the vapers who visit them like to come up with some new and entertaining ways to enjoy the vaping experience. Here are some of the latest trends and tricks that creative vapers are sharing on YouTube. Since the vapor exhaled from vape pens is largely just water, why not have a bit more fun with it?

The Dragon

To achieve the Dragon effect, first take a long, hard drag from your vaping pen. Hold it in for a second or two before forcefully exhaling through the nose and the sides of the mouth at the same time. After you’re finished, make sure that you haven’t sprouted a long, scaly dragon’s tail in the process.

The Bubble

This little trick requires a few props. First you need some soapy water, a cardboard toilet paper roll (without the paper), and of course your vape pen. Next, simply dip one end of the toilet paper roll into the soapy water until a soapy film forms covering the end, much like the soapy water forms on the end of your child’s bubble wands. Then take a long drag of the vaping pen and blow the vapor through the tube and into the soapy film. You’ll create a perfect, vapor-filled bubble each and every time.


For vapers who used to smoke tobacco cigarettes, this may be a trick that you already know fairly well. It takes a bit of practice, but it is really very cool once you get the hang of it. Start by taking a long pull of your vaping pen. Inhale the vapor to the back of your throat while keeping the tongue flat to the bottom of the mouth. To make the tiny little Cheerios, form your lips into the shape of an “O” while projecting your lips slightly forward. Then simply push the vapor gently out of your mouth using only the throat, kind of like sighing or a miniature cough.

The Tornado

This trick also requires some practice time, along with a cardboard toilet paper roll. Take a long drag of your vape pen, and then blow the vapor onto a table so that it forms a smooth, flat cloud of smoke. Then place the palm of your hand slightly over the flat table of smoke, flicking the wrist upwards while lifting your arm…all in one swift motion. There are lots of neat tricks that people have discovered using their vaping pens. Post your tricks in our comment section below! We’d love to hear about them.