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3 reasons to start vaping and quit smoking now!

Anyone who has ever tried to quit smoking knows how excruciating the entire process can be, but vaping makes the kicking the habit almost completely pain-free. For proof, all you need to do is read a recent report from Columbia University published just weeks ago. According to the study, over 50% or people who try to quit smoking through daily vaping manage to quit long-term and without relapse. The study is published for the world to see in the online medical journal Addictive Behaviors. Here are three other reasons to start vaping now!

1. Avoid weight gain with vaping.

Whenever anyone tries to quit smoking, it almost always results in the gaining of a few extra pounds. The reasons for this weight gain are many. Firstly, nicotine boosts our metabolism and acts as a natural appetite suppressant. When we quit smoking, our hunger pangs increase.

Secondly, smokers have a subconscious addiction to the hand-to-mouth actions involved with smoking. Without cigarettes to fulfill our oral fixation, we tend to reach for other things, like cookies, cake, and candies. Any form of comfort food will do because we are so stressed out from quitting smoking.

2. Avoid those mood swings with vaping.

For smokers how have tried to quit in the past, we can all attest to the massive mood swings involved. When we try to quit smoking cold-turkey, our body and mind reacts negatively to that loss of nicotine that we crave so much.

Meanwhile, the e-liquids in vaping devices contain nicotine, but they do NOT contain the tobacco and the thousands of other toxic chemicals found in conventional cigarettes. When we switch to vaping from smoking, we still get that fix of nicotine that our bodies and minds crave, which reduces or eliminates entirely those nasty feelings of depression, irritability, and downright unpleasantness that comes with quitting smoking the old-fashioned way.

3. Vaping gives you a BOOST of energy.

Just ask any vaper. Within a matter of days or even hours after making the permanent transition from smoking to vaping, most people get a huge boost of physical and mental energy. It’s the smoked tobacco and the thousands of toxic chemicals infused inside the nasty cigarette that suck your energy and will eventually kill you.

Vaping is 100% tobacco-free and contains none of those deadly chemicals. Nicotine is NOT tobacco, as much as the anti-tobacco lobby would like you to believe. Get off the chemicals, and start vaping. You’ll get a huge boost of energy that is more addictive than tobacco cigarettes ever were. And who knows? Maybe you’ll even hit the gym or go for a jog every now and then, too.