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3 Benefits of vaping marijuana instead of smoking it

There are now some 28 different states with some sort of legalized marijuana legislation already in the works, and the vaping industry has proven to be an invaluable ally to the cause. Even though in some circles marijuana is still negatively associated with slow-talking, surfer types like Jeff Spicoli in the 80s flick Fast Times at Ridgemont High, others are very aware of the many medicinal benefits that weed can provide. What is still relatively unknown – even in the legal pot community – is that vaping weed is significant healthier than smoking it.

1.  Less Toxic

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, marijuana is not laced with thousands of toxic chemicals designed to get the user addicted. However, the second-hand smoke can often contain small amounts of toxic by-products when ingested through a conventional combustion method. In fact, almost anything that is “burned” contains a small amount of carcinogens in the smoke. Vaping, on the other hand, produces up to 95% less smoke and carcinogens. Instead of “burning” the weed at temperatures up to 2000 degrees, vaping technology utilizes average temperatures of only 338 degrees.

2.  Faster Pain Relief

Many Cancer Doctors recommend marijuana as a form of pain relieving medication for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Weed contains canniboids which help reduce pain. Studies show that vaping weed rather than smoking it allows those canniboids to enter the bloodstream much faster, which can be a tremendous health benefit to the patient while improving their quality of life.

3.  Reduces respiratory issues

Anyone with a family member who is a long-term smoker recognizes that annoyingly unpleasant sound of a smoker’s cough. The hacking and wheezing that goes along with continued smoke inhalation is often an early warning sign of impending respiratory issues like emphysema, bronchitis, and other forms of lung disease. However, according to a recent study published on Leaf Science, transitioning to a vaping device reduces the negative respiratory effects associated with smoking.

While many average Americans still believe that smoking weed makes you stupid, the medical community is stating quite the opposite. Marijuana helps relieve pain, increase appetite, and even help make the process of quitting smoking much easier for patients suffering from bipolar disorder and other severe mental illnesses. But before picking up a joint or a bong, studies show vaping gives weed smokers more bang for their buck!