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3 Awesome Apps for Androids

Whether you are a vaping newbie or a die-hard enthusiast, keeping informed about the latest trends and technologies can sometimes be a bit challenging. Even though Google Play doesn’t stock a huge number of vaping apps yet, there are a few that are worth noting. From apps that update the users with the latest vaping news, e-cigarette brands, and  best e liquid flavors to apps that monitor the user’s heart rate and blood pressure levels, here are our Top 3 Vaping Apps specifically for the Android owner.


Smokio App

Photo Courtesy of Google Play

This innovative app is a very useful tool for those who are turning to vaping as a means to quit smoking altogether. The app syncs directly to a special Smokio e-cig and monitors your every puff. It measures the number of puffs that you take per day, the heart rate and blood oxygenation levels, and even keeps track of how much money you are saving by vaping rather than buying expensive tobacco cigarettes. It’s a very motivational tool for future non-smokers.

Planet of the Vapes

Planet of the Vapes App           

Photo Courtesy of Google Play

This is a sort of one-stop-shop for both new and experienced vapers. It’s perhaps most popular for its mixing recipes calculator for those who like to experiment with new flavors. The app also includes an online forum where users can communicate with one another, share recipes, or simply ask a question. There is a section for product reviews of latest gadgets, a section for vaping news, and a special section for sharing discount codes from major manufacturers.

Vapers Toolbox

Vapers Toolbox App

Photo Courtesy of Google Play

For those who really want to learn how to build your own  ecig coils, the Vapers Toolbox app is a must-have. It has four different tools already included: A wire cutter which helps you to calculate the proper length of coil wire needed, a coil builder which helps you to calculate the number of coil wraps needed, a power tool for calculating voltage, and a converter for translating inches to millimeters and vice-versa.

The vaping industry is really advancing at a rapid pace, and technology is becoming increasingly affordable. With the flood of controversial misinformation hitting the national media in recent months, mobile apps can help both novice vapers and the more experienced to connect with one another, stay up-to-date with the latest proposed legislation, and learn about the real advantages and benefits of vaping at the same time.