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15 Positive Benefits of Vaping

Millions of people are turning to vaping devices and e-cigs as a way to rid themselves of the addiction to tobacco cigarettes. Most smokers have already seen the many brands of electronic cigarettes located next to the cash registers of the very same establishments where they buy their traditional tobacco products. Vaping is simply an extension of e-cigs where vapers use specially designed devices that look like thick, ink pens to inhale the non-toxic water vapor.

Vaping Pens and Devices

One of the benefits of e-cigs is that they are very handy and convenient. They come with the vaping liquid already inside and require no setup or maintenance for the user. One of the drawbacks is that the selections of flavors and their levels of intensity can be rather limited. Vaping devices allow the user to enjoy millions of different  e liquid flavors or to mix their own to their individual tastes.

With names like “ Bazinga Berry”, "Vanilla Kretek”, or “Rusty Nails”, vape enthusiasts are never bored with their variety of choices. This makes the vaping experience a lot more fun, resulting in a much higher rate of success in quitting smoking entirely. Here is a list of 15 benefits that come almost instantaneously when smokers throw out their Marlboro’s or Salem’s and start vaping.

  1. Save money! A bottle of vaping liquid can last about a month or more. Depending on the area of the country in which you live, a pack of cigarettes can cost between $5 and $14. For a two-pack a day smoker, think of the savings! Now that’s instant motivation to quit smoking.
  2. Taste and smell begin to return instantly. Food tastes better, and the flowers smell sweeter!
  3. Heart rates improve by as much as 20 percent or more immediately within the first few days of transitioning to vaping.
  4. Increased energy comes within the first 24-hours of transitioning to vaping. The body is no longer filled with those thousands of toxic chemicals that are secretly hidden inside traditional cigarettes.
  5. Reap more benefits in the gym because breathing becomes less laborious and we can naturally begin to workout longer, run faster, and lift more weight as a result.
  6. Increased libido is often reported as another instant side effect.
  7. No more smoking in the car. You won’t have to be embarrassed when driving with non-smoking passengers.
  8. No more smelly clothes. This can boost your professional reputation with bosses, colleagues, and clients while also helping to improve your social life, too.
  9. No more smoke breaks. Get more accomplished and be more productive.
  10. Improved concentration is immediate. Those toxic chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes tend to have a numbing effect on the brain.
  11. No more dirty ashtrays at home, at work, or in the car. Won’t THAT be a nice change?
  12. Kiss whoever you want! Non-smokers always complain that kissing a smoker is like licking a dirty ashtray. Save even more money on the purchasing of gum and Tic Tacs that you use to try to cover up the smoky smell, which never work 100 percent anyway.
  13. Vape in bed. Vape in the car. Vape anywhere. Vapers are no longer forced into smokers’ lounges or outside smokers’ areas.
  14. Begin to enjoy life again. With the improved concentration, boosted energy levels, and newfound freedom to vape wherever you like, most new vapers report an instant surge in their mental outlook and clarity. Things that were once fun and exciting become instantly enjoyable once again.
  15. Send a positive message to those around you. If you have young children or teenagers, switching to vaping might cause them to think twice before buying their first pack of cigarettes. 

Vaping is 100 percent safe, far less expensive than traditional cigarettes, and offers an infinite amount of flavor options. Vaping communities and vaping lounges are sprouting up all over the country. Join in the fun, and stop smoking forever! What have you got to lose?

                                                          Stop smoking with vaping devices