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My Favorite

Its an amazing flavor! Sweet amd smooth reminds me of the bubble yum cotton candy gum

Terrific flavor

This one gunks up my mesh quickly as well. Superb taste however.



Thank you for the review Masayoshi!
Love it

Smooth, flavorful, and better than I expected

Thanks so much for the review José! Welcome to the family! :)
Jack Frost

I have looked around and the Jack Frost that you sell is by far the best menthol flavored vape. I have tried all types of menthol vape juice and this is fantastic. It’s so refreshing and makes me smile. Thanks for getting me the 2nd order so fast. The first order never came. I checked the security tape and there were no deliveries from UPS to my door on the 12th.

Hey Randy, not a problem we are always happy to rush an order when we can! Once again sorry USPS didn't deliver the 1st one. Thank you for the review as well! Much love from the entire team


Disturbing video out of UK compares toxic effects of smoking vs. vaping
Just this week, an anti-vaping activist group uploaded a website falsely claiming that enjoying a single Juul pod is the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes. This abhorrent anti-vaping propaganda is intentionally sending a clear and vile message, particularly to America’s youth, that vaping is just as deadly as smoking. This assertion is completely untrue, and [...]
Juul employees outraged over possible deal with Big Tobacco’s Altria
The mainstream media rumor mill is abuzz with news that The Altria Group may be investing a significant minority stake in the popular vape manufacturer Juul Labs. Discussions are said to be ongoing, and neither side is publicly confirming the story. But if the rumors turn out to be true, the secret deal could be finalized by [...]
Esteemed medical journal bans term 'tobacco products' from vaping studies
Scientists from around the world often publish research studies in a variety of fields on the highly regarded medical journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research (NTR). Last month, its Editor-in-Chief Marcus Munafò made the remarkable but somewhat controversial announcement that the organization will no longer allow publications of studies that refer to vaping technology and e-liquids as tobacco products. The [...]
FDA approves first marijuana-based drug Epidiolex for epilepsy patients
The marijuana-based prescription medication Epidiolex has just received FDA approval and might be available as early as this fall to patients suffering from two forms of severe epilepsy. The medication manufactured by the London-based company GW Pharmaceuticals is designed to reduce or prevent the number and severity of grand mal seizures commonly associated with Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndromes of epilepsy.These [...]
Rasta Vapors launches 50% Off Customer Appreciation Sale on all e-liquids
With vaping regulations under attack in nearly every region of the United States and beyond, Rasta Vapors is pleased to announce a 50% Off Customer Appreciation Sale on all e-liquids. We have the most loyal community of regular customers, and we feel that it’s time to express our gratitude by slashing prices on over 35 mouthwatering brands. Every [...]
Vaping study shows no negative health effects to lung surfactant
Recent surveys show that an overwhelming number of Americans mistakenly believe that vaping is just as hazardous to one’s health as smoking. As misinformation about vaping spreads across social media like wildfire, a new study out of Ohio University shows that vaping does not damage the lung surfactant to any measurable degree. Smoking, on the other [...]
Canada makes history by legalizing marijuana, medical and recreational
With the passage of Bill C-45 last Tuesday by the Canadian parliament, Canada becomes only the second country in the world to legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational use. The new legislation follows the legal precedent set forth by Uruguay which no longer prohibits the possession, sales, and growing of cannabis products.Underage use is still against the [...]
American Cancer Society sides with vaping as a smoking cessation aid – finally!
As the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) maintains a consistent attack on the vaping industry, public health organizations like the American Cancer Society (ACS) have remained somewhat noncommittal. Meanwhile, organizations like the American Lung Association are guilty of spreading misinformation alleging that vaping is a gateway to smoking, especially among teens. Others attempt to delay their opinions [...]
Judge accuses Florida officials of ‘colossal blunder’ regarding marijuana licenses
When the state of Florida voted to legalize medical marijuana in late 2016, many thought the war was finally over. Little did they know that the fight for prescription cannabis was only just beginning.As physicians began writing prescriptions for patients suffering from chronic and sometimes life-threatening ailments who could benefit positively from the new law, cracks in the [...]
Research shows vaporized propylene glycol kills streptococci bacteria
Scientific research dating as far back as the 1940s shows that the vaporized propylene glycol commonly found in the e-liquids of vaping products may have some secret positive public health benefits. A world-class scientist by the name of Dr. Theodore Puck discovered that when this ingredient is heated to approximately 800 degrees Fahrenheit, it kills numerous forms of [...]
FDA’s Scott Gottlieb ‘disappointed by tepid response’ of vaping industry
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in the midst of a federal probe regarding the marketing of kid-appealing e-liquids. With a new 30-day extension recently announced, the deadline to submit comments is now July 16, 2018. Meanwhile, the head of the government agency is expressing his disappointment regarding the vaping industry’s apparent lack of concern [...]
Last chance for comments: FDA probe on vaping ban ends in only 2 weeks!
If you haven’t yet commented on the FDA probe seeking public input regarding a possible vaping ban on flavored e-liquids, then what are you waiting for? The 90-day probe officially ends on June 19, about two short weeks away. Anyone can leave a comment, and you can even leave multiple responses, if you like. The time to [...]
Is the FDA now demanding biometrics fingerprint scanning on vaping devices?
What would the world be like if vapers were forced to rely on fingerprint scanning technology every time that they wanted to activate their vape mods? This argument may be the basis for a new FDA probe, according to a recently updated version of the Cole-Bishop Amendment. The original wording of the document attempted to redefine the controversial [...]
Thirdhand smoke can breed inside dwellings for decades, says research
For millions of smokers wondering if switching to vaping is the best way to quit, new research suggests that homes, cars, offices, and other dwellings might be filled with potentially toxic thirdhand smoke residue. Not to be confused with secondhand smoke, the thirdhand variety can easily become trapped inside furniture, upholstery, carpeting, curtains, pillows, bedding, and other soft textiles [...]
Florida judge says ban of smokable medical marijuana ‘unconstitutional’
Florida Circuit Court Judge Karen Gievers ruled last Friday that the statewide ban on smokable marijuana is unconstitutional, potentially leading to a legal appeal by the state’s Department of Health. Though the ban appears to be going up in smoke, the promise of an appeal causes an automatic stay in the judge’s decision for the time being. [...]
New research shows that vaping improves oral health, teeth, gums
Bad breath, yellow teeth, and bleeding gums are just a few of the adverse effects on oral health that switching to vaping can help improve, according to new research. For smokers who are overly reluctant to visit the dentist for fear of receiving yet another lecture on the dangers of smoking, a report recently published by Italy’s Research Institute [...]
Canada passes limited ingredients and flavor ban on vaping
While the vaping community of the United States is facing a possible flavor ban by the FDA, Canada has already taken decisive action. The passage of a new piece of legislation last week now bans the sales of several flavors pf e-liquids, some individual ingredients and additives, and certain marketing and advertising practices. Bill S-5 attempts [...]
New research indicates that vaping CBD may reduce epilepsy seizures
There are currently about 3 million Americans suffering from epilepsy, and scientists now believe that vaping CBD may help manage the often-associated, recurring seizures that can sometimes be life-threatening. A significant percentage of patients suffer such an enormous amount of daily seizures that they require round-the-clock care from either a family member or medical professional. Take, for example, [...]
Vaping advocates urge vapers to call FDA hotline to stop flavor ban
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is on the warpath, considering a possible flavor ban across the entire nation on e-liquids used in vaping. In May 2016, Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced the launching of an FDA probe seeking public input regarding the pros and cons of just such a ban. Anyone is welcome to express their opinions, [...]
New study shows vaping is better than smoking for gut bacteria
Forget about the probiotic yogurt because new research shows that vaping helps manage gut bacteria far more effectively than smoking. In fact, the propylene glycol found in most e-liquids is a well-documented antibacterial known to regulate both oral and gastrointestinal bacterial just as efficiently as non-smokers.As far back as the 1940s, a world-class scientist by the name of [...]
Vaping chamomile boosts immunity system, says research
Millions of insomniacs around the world have long known that drinking chamomile tea can often induce a restful, peaceful night’s sleep. What many in the vaping community may not realize is that this daisy-like flower can also slow the aging process and even boost the immunity system. Studies show that chamomile’s higher anti-bacterial properties help kill [...]