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What is sub ohm vaping, and why do people do it?

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Just like the name implies, sub ohm vaping involves manipulating the electricity of a vaping device, which means that sub ohming should never be taken lightly. The primary reason that people sub ohm vape is to produce massive clouds of vaper. If massive clouds of vapor are not something that you are particularly concerned about, then sub ohm vaping may not be for you. Sub ohming also tends to intensify the flavor of your e-liquid, too, which is another reason that some vapers do it.

What types of vapers are concerned with Big Ass Clouds? Anyone can be a sub ohmer, but cloudchasers tend to be the most active enthusiasts. A cloudchaser often competes in contests to see who can produce the largest, thickest, densest cloud of vapor. Some contests are even judged by the distance that the plume of vapor travels.

Remember Ohm’s Law from high school science class?

Ohm’s Law essentially states that a non-variable voltage produces more power when the applied resistance (ohms) of the related circuit is reduced. The battery of a vape mod holds the non-variable voltage, and when we manipulate the resistance of the vape mod to produce more power, we get bigger clouds and usually a more robust flavor of the e-liquid. Vapers learned long ago that building coils with a resistance below 1 Ohm makes the biggest clouds, which is where the term “sub ohm” comes from.

Three kinds of sub ohm vaping

Thanks to the many advancements in vaping technology in recent years, vapers no longer need to manually modify their devices in order to sub ohm vape. Vapers can now purchase vape mods that are specifically designed for sub ohming, and these devices generally fall into one of three categories.

  • Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA): Some vapers also refer to an RDA as a “dripper.” An RDA is just a special atomizer that can easily be substituted for the one that comes with the vape mod. Sub ohm vapers then place tiny drops of vape juice onto the wick of the dripper every so often. Because a vape tank is never used, the e-liquid burns hotter which produces bigger clouds and intensifies the flavor. One of the drawbacks is that the sub ohmer must reload the wick with e-juice more frequently as compared to using a conventional tank.
  • Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA or RBA): Not all RTA’s are for sub-ohm vaping. The ones that are will have special airflow controls on the device that cools the extra-hot vapor produced by the RTA. Without these controls, the sub ohmer might burn his or her lips from the extra hot vape juice. An RTA essentially consists of a clearomizer with a special compartment for the user to place their custom-built coils inside. No dripping required.
  • Sub-ohm tanks: Instead of building your own coils, a sub ohm tank usually comes with premade, disposable coils for a no-muss, no-fuss approach to sub ohming. The Kanger Subtank and the Aspire Atlantis are two common examples.

Sub ohm vaping is not for everyone, and the above information is just a very brief overview. Newbies should always consult the assistance of an experienced sub ohm vaper when first starting out. Remember. Anything that deals with electricity can be extremely dangerous. Process with caution. 

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