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Poor, Poor Leo. No Vaping at the Oscars.

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Leonardo DiCaprio, the child actor who dies in Titanic because his girlfriend wouldn’t share the raft, is having another run of bad luck. With slicked-back hair and an always-present glint in his eye reminiscent of Male Movie Stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood, Dr. D makes even Supermodels swoon. Meanwhile, most men simply look at him and secretly think, “I don’t get it.” Perhaps it is this confluence of opinion among the genders that has led to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences to banish vaping from the upcoming 2016 Oscars.

(Courtesy of MoviePilot)

Yes, the Academy’s President is a female, but apparently even Leo can’t charm Ms. Cheryl Boone Isaacs into allowing such a potentially controversial act on national television. After all, vaping is bad…very, very bad. But if James Franco wants to host the Oscars while half-stoned out of his mind, that is perfectly acceptable.

It all began when DiCaprio was viewed vaping at the SAG awards just last week. As TMZ reports, the American Lung Association really calls him out for his deeply troubling conduct.

“Shame on you, Leo. Now give us your wrists so that we may slap them thusly.”

Of course, just two years ago, we saw the likes of Leo and Ms. Julia-Louise Dreyfus from Seinfeld and Veep fame vaping away on cheap, old e-cigs. And to the average TV viewer, especially the kiddies, e-cigs look exactly like the real thing! Well, Julia lit up a Blu brand contraption, so the little blue light at the end made it kind of cute. And Julia is also very cute, in the eyes of the old white guys running the Hollywood establishment. So, Julia gets a pass...because she’s so damned cute. But Leo? No way! He’s already got all the money, all the fame, and all the girls. And the little snot-rag keeps getting nominated for an Oscar. Now he wants to vape eliquids in public, too? Nope! Leo is getting too cocky! It’s time to smack him down a peg or two.

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