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Huffington Post gets blasted for posting bogus Margaret Cuomo video

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A recent March 14, 2016, posting of a Margaret Cuomo video on the Huffington Post is generating a great deal of outrage among vaping advocates, scientists, and physicians around the world. In her video, the sister of New York Governor and ex-presidential candidate Andrew Cuomo states that electronic cigarettes are “at least as dangerous” as traditional tobacco products. She also makes such ridiculous claims that the vapor from e-cigs and vaping devices contains everything from formaldehyde to tin.

What’s going on at The Huffington Post?

Leave it to the Huffington Post to publish such hogwash without checking the facts. The Huff Po “editor” that ran the story, Kira Brekke, is responsible for uploading the shameful video, buy many journalists believe that this is just another example of a once-promising political blog getting too big for its britches. Michael Sigel from Boston University, a physician and a political pro-vaping pundit, was quick to debunk the Margaret Cuomo video as providing “absolutely no evidence” to support such false statements.

Meanwhile, Forbes Magazine is also jumping into the fray by stating that Cuomo “does not know what she is talking about.” Cuomo is a longtime advocate for cancer prevention, and a contributing staffer of the Huffington Post. She appears regularly on the talk show circuit where she attempts to educate the general public on the most current advancements in cancer research and prevention techniques. And she even authored a book entitled A World Without Cancer in 2012. So, why would such an “expert” on cancer prevention peddle such lies?

Cuomo may have just erased all of her previous credibility as an authority on cancer prevention with the release of this single, ridiculous video. And it didn’t do any good for the Huffington Post’s already rocky reputation either.

The Huffington Post Prints a Retraction…kind of.

In the Margaret Cuomo video, she even goes so far as to warn viewers to steer clear of e-cigs and vaping devices as ways to quit smoking. She clearly states that smoke-free alternatives provide at least as many health risks, perhaps more, regarding heart, lung, and liver cancer as traditional tobacco products. But when she began boasting that e-cig water vapor contains metals like cadmium, nickel, and tin, that’s when most viewers knew that the woman was going off the deep end.

Social media went nuts, and hundreds of physicians, healthcare organizations, scientists, and pro-vaping websites around the world began calling on the Huffington Post to take down the video. Instead, Huff Po simply printed a retraction of sorts just two days later while uploading a newly edited video with most of the misinformation conveniently removed. What some people won’t do for a few thousand clicks of their website is utterly amazing. To this date, neither the hosting political blog nor the misguided author have offered an apology for the intentionally deceptive Margaret Cuomo video.

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