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Dripping 101: For beginners (Part 4)

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Next up in this series of blog posts called Dripping 101, we are discussing the individual components of a dripping system. To get the best drip requires a successful combination of atomizer, coil material, coil gauge, wicking material, the right mod, and of course, the perfect e-juice. But with so many of each component readily available on the market, which one is better? That all depends on the user.

Before you start buying dripping paraphernalia, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much money do I want to spend?
  • Will I be dripping all the time? Or only every once in a while?
  • Do I want to build my own coils?
  • Do I need easier access to the deck than most vapers?

Let’s begin by discussing atomizers. 

There are hundreds of options out there, and the only aspect of importance to note is that a higher priced atomizer does not mean that it is necessary a better choice…for you! Just because someone wants to sell you a $200 atomizer doesn’t mean that you are going to like it. For newbies, starting out with an under $40 options is usually wise. You can get a good HH357 for under $20, and these atomizers are specifically made for dripping.

(Courtesy of Vape-Resource.com)

Next up: Coils and Wicks

We call it The Art of the Drip for a reason. It takes time to perfect your dripping technique. And this is never more true than when experimenting with your coil and wicking materials. Wires come in multiple gauges. And your preference of wicking material and brand will be specific to your individual preferences and vaping style (how deep of a hit do you want, and so forth).

The gauge of the wire largely depends on your preferred resistance levels that you hope to achieve. And because these resistance levels will change from day to day, depending on the e-juice you are vaping or perhaps even your mood at any given time. So, don’t be afraid to get a few different gauges of wire. As far as wicking material goes, a Japanese cotton seems to be getting lots of positive attention these days, but any organic cotton should do the trick. Regardless of the choices of coil and wicking materials that you choose, always be sure to test the resistance of your newly build coil before you put it in your mouth to vape.

(Next up in the series Dripping 101…the device called a "drip tip")

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