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Did you know that vaping nicotine boosts your artistic creativity?

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Millennials may not know this, but way back in the 1950s and 1960s, it was perfectly legal for Big Tobacco manufacturers to run television commercials advertising cigarettes. And just like today, who would they ask to hawk their tobacco sticks to their American consumer? Movie stars and TV personalities, of course! Oddly, new research out of Europe might explain why so many artistic people tend to smoke.

According to Researchers Mathilde Bonnefond and Ole Jensen of the Donders Institute in The Netherlands, nicotine increases the brain’s ability to product alpha waves. These extra alpha waves combined with the nicotine’s natural abilities to stimulate the nervous system help the user to block out irrelevant information and distractions while enhancing their ability to concentrate much better on the task at hand.

The Bonnefond-Jensen nicotine study

The scientists began by soliciting the help of 18 smokers and non-smokers. Each was asked to memorize a series of flash cards with images of letters on them. During the experiment, the researchers would simply flash card after card in quick succession, and the volunteers were asked to identify if the image was one of the original letters. Periodically, the scientists would flash cards with “distractor” symbols or letters before immediately following with another flash card containing one of the original four letters. All the while, the scientists recorded the alpha brain wave activities using magneto-encephalography (MEG) technology.

What Bonnefond and Jensen discovered is that the smoking group scored higher in both measurable alpha brain wave activity and in their ability to identify the correct flash cards and letters in the testing experiment. In short, the nicotine users were better able to “get in the zone.” They could focus better and achieve higher test scores compared to the non-smoking group.

Of course, smoking is still very carcinogenic. But it’s not the nicotine that kills. It’s the tar that is produced from the burning of the tobacco leaves that does all the damage. Another contributing factor to smoking-related deaths and illness is the thousands of chemicals intentionally placed inside tobacco cigarettes by Big Tobacco – many of which are only included because they are highly addictive. They essentially serve no other purpose other than keeping the smoker hooked. The e-liquids used in vaping, on the other hand, are 100% tar-free and include none of these unnecessary additives.

The Bonnefond-Jensen nicotine study entitled Alpha waves close your mind for distraction, but not continuously, research suggests is published on Science News. A second study conducted previously by the same researchers is also available online. The study entitled Alpha Oscillations Serve to Protect Working Memory Maintenance against Anticipated Distracters is published in the journal Current Biology

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