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Choosing Your First Vape Mod (Part 4)

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As a continuation of our series about choosing your first vape mod, we should first discuss what to expect when you purchase a vape kit. Not every manufacturer offers the same components. So be very, very careful. Many newbies often mistakenly believe that they are buying a vape mod kit when in actuality they are only purchasing a vape tank, a package or coils, or a replacement battery. Make sure that you know what you are buying.

What items should come in your first vape mod kit?

When choosing your first vape mod starter kit, you can easily become a bit overwhelmed by all the choices. While all vape mods are specifically designed to interchange components, a vape mod starter kit is often more cost effective than buying each of the parts individually. Here at RastaVapors, we are beginning to offer some of these individual accessories in our e-commerce store. But a truly worthy vape kit should offer the following components:

  • Vape mod casing (the vaping device itself)
  • RBA or RDA atomizer (in some cases, you can choose which option you want)
  • Battery
  • Battery Charger (usually both wall outlet and USB options should come with the device)
  • Silica wick
  • Kanthal wire
  • Miniature screwdriver (preferred)
  • FREE e-juice.

By choosing a vape mod starter kit, you essentially eliminate the risks of potentially forgetting to purchase one of the individual parts. After all, you need them all if you want the vape mod to work. After you gain some experience experimenting with different components or building your own coils and wicks, you can then delve into the specialty mods that are flooding the Internet on an almost daily basis. A vape mod starter kit is usually very inexpensive and gives you the opportunity to learn if vape mods are for you.

Remember the differences between RBA’s and RDA’s?

The choice between an RDA or an RBA will significantly affect your overall vape mod experience, especially in the very beginning. Make sure that you choose the right component.

An RBA is also known as a Rebuildable Atomizer and is usually the preferred choice for vaping newbies. The RBA will come with a tank to hold your e-juice, allowing vapers to continue to vape for several hours at a time without having to refill. Meanwhile, the RDA or Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer requires the vaper to drip small amounts of e-liquid directly on the wick. There is no tank, which means that you only get a few puffs before having to re-drip the e-juice on the wick. For newbies, this can be a very tedious process. But the flavor intensity can be truly remarkable.

(In the next blog post, we will discuss some great beginning vape mods.)

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