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Can I continue vaping while pregnant?

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While most everyone already knows how hazardous smoking can be while pregnant, doctors around the world are now being asked the more unusual question, “Can I continue vaping while pregnant?” For those vaping enthusiasts who often wonder why so many physicians are offering their opinions on vaping in the television nightly news, it is questions like these that give doctors pause. While most professionals in the medical community wholeheartedly agree that vaping eliquids is certain much better and healthier than smoking, vaping while pregnant is another issue entirely.

vaping while pregnant

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Why smoking is bad for the baby’s health

Women are always told to quit smoking during pregnancy and while nursing the newborn. But why? According to WebMD, the nicotine (not the tobacco) found in cigarettes can lead to all sorts of medical issues for both baby and mother. Some of them include:

  • Increased risks of miscarriage and stillbirths
  • Increased risks of premature births
  • Increased risks of birth defects
  • Increased risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Increased risks of the newborn experience withdrawal symptoms from nicotine
  • Increased risks of respiratory problems
  • Increased risks of heart disorders
  • And so much more!

But we’re talking about vaping, not smoking. So do these same increased risks apply? The simple answer is “yes,” although to a much lower degree. Since nearly all e-cigs and vaping devices contain e-juices with a small amount of nicotine, pregnant women should be avoiding them at all costs.

According to Dr.Manny of Fox News, pregnant women who smoke or vape nicotine can suffer one or all of the above-listed risks. It is not an “either-or” situation. The baby can essentially be born with multiple medical disorders. The mother can also experience some potentially life-threatening risks as well.

Consider vaping after the birth

On a more positive note, many women having recently given birth to a healthy baby girl or boy are choosing to vape rather than return to smoking. After nine long months of going without, the cravings to pick up a cigarette can be very overwhelming, especially if the baby’s father or other members of the household are also smokers. Instead of heading to the local convenience store for a pack of Marlboros, why not try one of those little e-cigs found at the store’s checkout stand instead?

You won’t have to worry about second-hand smoke. And you’ll probably find the trendy new e-cigs perfectly acceptable. Then you can transition to the more cost-effective and user-friendly vaping devices whenever you like.

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