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As FDA considers banning flavored e-liquids, SFATA issues Vaping ‘Call to Action’

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When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced last week the launching of an official 90-day probe which could possible lead to a future ban on flavored e-liquids and tobaccos, the watchdog group SFATA immediately sprang into action. The Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association is a vaping advocacy organization that is always working tirelessly behind the scenes to fight for the right to vape.

Within hours of the FDA announcement, SFATA issued a national Call to Action urging all vapers to get involved by contacting the FDA and its Chief, Dr. Scott Gottlieb. And SFATA even shows vapers how to do it quickly and easily.

According to the FDA press release, the FDA is currently only seeking “public input” from public health officials, politicians, advocacy groups, lobbyists, and of course, the American vaping community. After the 90-days, the issue will apparently be further reviewed by FDA officials before issuing any new regulations, which the FDA can do at any time and without congressional approval. The FDA deeming regulations are living proof of the FDA’s enormous power.

SFATA:  The American Vaping Industry is under siege!

So, when the FDA says that it is seeking public input, what exactly does this mean? According to SFATA, anyone and everyone is allowed and even encouraged to participate in the discussion. Vapers can share personal stories about how vaping has changed their lives, improved their health, or helped them to quit smoking. Or they can simply copy and paste a pre-written Sample Letter Template supplied by SFATA representatives on the organization’s website.

FDA officials are being bombarded with demands from anti-tobacco activists claiming that flavored tobacco products are luring young teens into long term smoking addiction. In the March 20 announcement, the FDA is specifically requesting public input regarding three primary areas of focus:

  • How have flavored e-liquids helped Americans to quit or reduce smoking?
  • How have flavored e-liquids helped Americans to quit or reduce use of other tobacco products like snuff and snus?
  • How prevalent is dual usage in America?

The SFATA Call to Action states the following

“The FDA is preparing to issue new rules surrounding flavored tobacco (and therefore vapor) products, but they are listening to our feedback. It is imperative that not only you as business owners, but also your customers, speak up and SPEAK LOUDLY about successfully switching from cigarettes to vaping, thanks to flavored e-liquids. In addition to influencing the FDA, these comments could help in future lawsuits against the rule, should that become necessary.”

“THE FDA IS LISTENING. IT’S TIME FOR YOU AND YOUR CUSTOMERS TO GET LOUD! With your help, we can educate the FDA regarding the importance of e-liquid flavors and the critical role they play in transitioning smokers away from cigarettes for good.”

Rasta Vapors encourages all vapers to get involved. The time for action is now! Please visit the SFATA website to copy and paste the Sample Letter Template for submittal to the FDA, Dr. Gottlieb, or any local, state, or federal elected officials. To locate the contact information of congressional representatives and senators, simply CLICK HERE and type in your zip code! To contact Donald Trump via White House email, CLICK HERE. For the contact information of FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, CLICK HERE.

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