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As vaping soars in popularity, U.S. cancer death rates plummet

Even though multiple public health organizations like the UK Royal College of Physicians now claim that vaping is 95 percent less harmful than smoking, U.S. agencies like the FDA and the CDC fail to make the same assertions. However, new national statistics published by the American Cancer Society (ACS) may shed new light on the subject.According to the report [...]

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Florida medical marijuana industry struggles to keep up with patient demand

When Florida residents voted to legalize medical marijuana in November 2016, many believed that the battle had finally been won. Doctors began writing letters of recommendation for patients suffering from chronic and sometimes life-threatening illnesses to use as a resource to acquire MMJ cards. In a process marketed by the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana that was supposed [...]

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New research shows ‘no deterioration in lung health’ after 3.5 years of vaping

Scientists from the University of California-Los Angeles have determined that vaping poses no significant threats to lung and respiratory systems after 3.5 years of vaping. Led by Dr. Riccardo Polosa from the University of Catalina in Italy who collaborated with the American team, the researchers monitored a small group of vapers while evaluating numerous biomarkers involving respiratory, circulatory, pulmonary, and [...]

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New CDC report ends the debate over ‘vaping and formaldehyde’

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a very spotted history with the vaping industry, but a recent report officially debunks the popular myth that e-cig vapor is filled with formaldehyde. This fictional story got its start after a paper was published in the New England Journal of Medicine. The anti-tobacco lobby discovered it, [...]

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Florida faces medical marijuana monopoly similar to Indian vaping laws

In November of 2016, Florida residents voted to legalize medical marijuana to alleviate symptoms of certain illnesses. The new regulations went into effect in January of 2016, but the requirement for dispensaries to be approved by the state is leaving many aspiring vendors in the lurch.Currently, there are less than a dozen government-approved dispensaries throughout the entire state, [...]

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3 of the most ridiculous lies ever told about vaping

When vaping first started to become popular, anti-vaping groups immediately began spreading misinformation and even outright lies to curb the growing exciting surrounding this new phenomenon. Lobbyists of Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, and even Wall Street felt threatened that vaping would eventually cut into their trillions of dollars in profits, and something had to be done. Here [...]

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4 Simple ways to make your vape juice taste better

After the first few weeks of switching to vaping, newbies are often tempted to relapse back into smoking simply because their e-liquids do not taste as rich and vibrant as they used to. Before heading off to the local convenience store for a pack of cigarettes, try these simple remedies instead. The problem may not be with your [...]

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Vaping is ‘5 orders of magnitude lower’ in carcinogens than smoking, says study

A new vaping study conducted by a group of Italian researchers shows that the vapor from electronic cigarettes is many thousands of times lower in carcinogens than the smoke from conventional cigarettes. Anti-tobacco groups often claim that further research is needed before they will endorse vaping as a tobacco harm reduction tool. The Italians have finally provided this [...]

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​3 awesome e-cig studies to silence the vaping haters

Thanks to fake news and alternative facts being spread around social media like wildfire, vaping haters are grossly misinformed about the health benefits of e-cigarettes. From conspiracy theories that vaping is a gateway to teen smoking and bogus news reports secretly funded by Big Pharma, learning the truth about e-cigs can sometimes be a difficult task. The next time [...]

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Study shows metallic content of second-hand e-cig vapor falls ‘below detection limit’

Tobacco control groups often claim that further research is needed before they will support and endorse vaping as an effective tool for tobacco harm reduction. Even though this research has already been compiled many times over, a new scientific study conducted right here in the United States provides further proof that second-hand e-cig vapor is almost entirely nonmetallic in [...]

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