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Why are so many people vaping CBD?

Have you noticed how many people are now vaping CBD? Contrary to popular opinion, most people who vape cannabidiol or CBD are not usually your ordinary potheads and burnouts. In fact, people who use marijuana to get high would rarely choose CBD as their product of choice because cannabidiol is non-psychoactive, or at least it’s significantly [...]

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Vaping for 1 week reduces carcinogen exposure by 57%, says study

A new e-cig study led by Dr. Maciej Goniewicz of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, indicates that vaping for only 7-days reduces carcinogen exposure by up to 57 percent. Smokers who vape for two weeks could see their scores plummet by as much as 64 percent on average.The primary objective of the Goniewicz [...]

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New Zealand official endorses vaping and free e-liquid sampling

In a recent press release, the New Zealand Ministry of Public Health publicly endorses vaping as an effective smoking cessation and tobacco harm reduction tool. But the official position statement does not stop there. The agency also supports the rights of vape shop owners to provide free samples of e-liquids to their customers, a stance that is directly [...]

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Vaping and e-liquid flavors do not damage lung surfactant, says new study

Scientists have known for quite some time that the vapor from e-cigs is significantly less toxic than the second-hand smoke from traditional cigarettes. Even so, many public health agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) argue that more research is needed before an official endorsement can occur. [...]

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Is vaping e-liquid the same thing as vaping antifreeze?

The notion that vaping e-liquids containing propylene glycol is the same thing as vaping antifreeze is a complete falsehood. There are reams of scientific evidence documenting the many health benefits of vaping. The most significant is the 2015 study published by Public Health England which says vaping is 95 percent less harmful than smoking. Nowhere in [...]

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Research shows aping may reverse lung damage in asthma sufferers

Current medial research shows that patients suffering from asthma tend to see a steady decline in respiratory function as they age. With each asthma attack, the cumulative harm to lung tissues becomes more and more severe. Asthma medications can only provide a limited level of relief. In fact, physicians treating asthmatics already know that the prescribed [...]

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A single bureaucrat is creating a legal marijuana quagmire in Florida

The state of legalized medical marijuana in Florida is facing a legal quagmire, thanks to the obstructionist efforts of a single unelected bureaucrat. His name is Christian Bax, and he alone holds the political power to decide which patients do and do not receive permits to access the state’s very few dispensaries. Bax is also the only [...]

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Vaping is not bad for the heart and lungs, says new 2-year study

Citing a lack of long-term scientific evidence, anti-tobacco activists often refuse to endorse vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. In fact, many have gone so far as to falsely claim that vaping is just as carcinogenic and dangerous to one’s health as smoking. But a new vaping study funded by the Big Tobacco subsidiary Fontem Ventures [...]

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Ordinary foods that contain propylene glycol, an ingredient of e-liquids

Did you know that those tasty Entenmann’s bakery treats contain one of the same ingredients as vape juices, specifically propylene glycol? Sometimes referred to as PG, this strangely-named substance often gets a bad reputation. In fact, many anti-tobacco activists love to spread the #FakeNews story that vaping propylene glycol is akin to vaping antifreeze. So, who [...]

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Florida Supreme Court rules against controversial marijuana lawyer

Just last week, the Florida Supreme Court disbarred a lawyer specializing in medical marijuana services for telling clients that it was perfectly legal to grow and possess cannabis plants for medical use. Unlike many, more progressive states with medical marijuana laws on the books, Florida is very explicit about which dispensaries, small businesses, and individual citizens can have [...]

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