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Vaping chamomile boosts immunity system, says research

Millions of insomniacs around the world have long known that drinking chamomile tea can often induce a restful, peaceful night’s sleep. What many in the vaping community may not realize is that this daisy-like flower can also slow the aging process and even boost the immunity system. Studies show that chamomile’s higher anti-bacterial properties help kill [...]

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Strip club owner sues Florida (again) over bogus marijuana licensing rules

Last month, a fearless strip club owner by the name of Joe Redner won a lawsuit in the 2nd Judicial Circuit Court of Florida for the right to grow his own medical marijuana. Now he is taking his fight back into the courtroom once again. This time around, he’s suing the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) over [...]

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Vaping sage to fight diabetes and battle evil spirits

Ancient civilizations used to burn sage as a holistic practice to rid dwellings of bad luck and evil spirits. Even today, many people like to burn this dry herb when they relocate to a new home as a type of blessing ritual to eliminate all negative energies from the previous residents. But the secret benefits of [...]

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Did you know that vaping green tea can help reverse diabetes?

Current research shows that green tea can significantly reverse the effects of diabetes by helping to regulate blood glucose levels, prevent weight gain, and even burn excess fat. In fact, if you have ever purchased one of those over-the-counter fat burning supplements, you may be surprised to learn that their labels often list green tea as a primary ingredient. [...]

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Vaping & diabetes: Research shows lavender oils regulate blood glucose

Vaping has shown to be 95 percent less harmful than smoking according to Public Health England and numerous other public health organizations, but additional research now shows that vaping the lavender plant may benefit patients suffering from diabetes, as well. The ancient Egyptians were very fond of this dry herb, using it for all sort of medical ailments. [...]

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Yale Economist says FDA flavor ban on e-liquids will boost Big Tobacco sales

On March 21, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the launching of a new probe regarding the possible effects on public health of flavored e-liquids and tobacco products. The probe will last 90-days, and at this time the FDA is only asking for “public input.” However, at least one Yale economist is calling the possible [...]

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Florida judge allows patient to grow marijuana – but only one!

Judge Karen Gievers of the Florida 2nd Judicial Circuit ruled in favor of a 77-year old cancer patient requesting the right to grow his own medical marijuana. While the ruling is very specific to only the one patient, it may set a legal precedent for a possible expansion the state’s controversial laws regarding legalized pot. The man [...]

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What is sub ohm vaping, and why do people do it?

Just like the name implies, sub ohm vaping involves manipulating the electricity of a vaping device, which means that sub ohming should never be taken lightly. The primary reason that people sub ohm vape is to produce massive clouds of vaper. If massive clouds of vapor are not something that you are particularly concerned about, then sub [...]

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Did you know that vaping nicotine boosts your artistic creativity?

Millennials may not know this, but way back in the 1950s and 1960s, it was perfectly legal for Big Tobacco manufacturers to run television commercials advertising cigarettes. And just like today, who would they ask to hawk their tobacco sticks to their American consumer? Movie stars and TV personalities, of course! Oddly, new research out of Europe might [...]

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As FDA considers banning flavored e-liquids, SFATA issues Vaping ‘Call to Action’

When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced last week the launching of an official 90-day probe which could possible lead to a future ban on flavored e-liquids and tobaccos, the watchdog group SFATA immediately sprang into action. The Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association is a vaping advocacy organization that is always working tirelessly behind the scenes to [...]

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