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Vaping hater Rep. Lowey spouts 3 falsehoods to AP reporter in less than 25-words

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When a reporter for the Associated Press (AP) discovered a new House bill that will attempt to redefine portions of the FDA deeming regulations in regard to vaping, Andrew Taylor asked Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) for a quote. She issued one, short sentence of only 25-words, but it was filled with at least three falsehoods about vaping.

The news began when the House Appropriations Committee approved a new piece of legislation which aims to exempt electronic cigarettes from the predicate date of February 2007 as dictated by the FDA. By a vote of 30-22, the Republican-controlled House approved the bill, which allows it to move forward at some point in the future for a full vote.

Is vaping hater Lowry a liar or simply misinformed?

In Taylor’s AP article, he solicited comments from representatives on the opposite side of the political spectrum. Republicans are already well-known for their dislike of excessive federal regulations of almost any sort, so he asked for comments from two Democrats.

Senator Sanford Bishop (D-Ga.) was very supportive of the new bill, which comes as no surprise as he is one of the creators of the now defunct Cole-Bishop Amendment which attempted and failed to achieve similar goals. But when Taylor asked Democrat Rep. Lowey for a comment, her 25-word statement was wrong on every count.

"While we do not know what is in e-cigarettes, study after study finds that most show high levels of formaldehyde and other cancer-causing chemicals."

- Rep. Lowey per the Associated Press and ABC News

While the Democratic Congressperson has the right to her own opinion, Americans expect their elected officials to know and state the true facts. The three glaring errors in Nita Lowey’s statement seem to show an extreme lack of curiosity about the constantly evolving science surrounding vaping, or perhaps it is proof of something more nefarious.

Falsehood #1: “We do not know what is in cigarettes.”

This statement is blatantly false. It implies that e-cig retailers are manufacturing e-liquids made from secret ingredients that can be detrimental to public health. The truth is that majority of e-liquids are made of only four ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring, and water. This recipe has never been a massive secret.

Falsehood #2: E-cigs contain “high levels of formaldehyde.”

This fictional claim has been debunked for over a year now. The rumor started when a group of misguided researchers published a report making this claim. But the researchers failed to make clear that they had intentionally cranked up the heat on the associated vaping device to an alarming high temperature of over 800 degrees. The increased levels of toxins largely came from the heating of the metallic components of the e-cig – not the e-liquid itself. Lowey is still spouting untruths that have been disproven time and time again.

Falsehood #1: E-cigs contain “high levels” of “cancer-causing chemicals.”

Again. Rep. Lowey missed the mark. While no one claims that e-cigs are carcinogen-free, there has been “study after study” that shows e-cigs are 95% safer and healthier than smoking. That is the critical part of the conversation that politicians like Lowey often refuse to acknowledge, and by failing to do so, are intentionally misleading the American public for their own personal or political gain. 

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